Weekly Market Report

Please browse the current market update below:

 Apples - Pink Lady, Red Delicious and Granny Smith are available and their quality is very good.

Avocados - Hass variety is in season. Quality and value are excellent.   

Bananas - Quality and value are very good.

Berries - The QLD season has just started - quality is generally very good. However the recent cold snap has reduced supply, and rain in QLD. Blueberries and Raspberries are out of season. 

Kiwifruit - New Zealand season - their flavour is excellent.

Lemons and Limes - Lemons and limes are both quite scarce. 

Oranges - Navel oranges are now in season - excellent quality.

Passionfruit - Excellent quality and value.

Pears - New season Packams, Bosc and Corellas are all excellent. 

Pineapples - The best time of year for topless pineapples.

Rockmelons - The North QLD season has started. Quality is very good.

Stonefruit - Season finished.

Watermelon (seedless) - Quality and value is very good.



*The recent cold snap that has hit much of Eastern Australia has significantly limited the supply of many vegetable varieties. Growers are saying that their crops have virtually stopped growing all together. Quality is generally very good, but prices are higher than normal*

Beans - They are extremely scarce, quality is not great and and price is ridiculously high. Hopefully it shouldn't be long before supply improves.

Broccoli - good quality and value. 

Capsicums - Reds have jumped in price due to unfavourable growing conditions in QLD

Cauliflower - Quality and value both very good

Celery - Very scarce. 

Corn - Has never been this scarce. Limited avalablity 

Cucumbers - Scarce due to colder weather. 

Eggplant - good quality and firm in price
Lettuce - Most are good quality and value. Iceberg is a bit scarce.

Pumpkin - All varieties are very good quality and value.

Snow peas - Quality is very good. Price is a bit higher due to the cold snap.

Sweet Potato - Very good quality and value.

Tomatoes - have jumped in price due to unfavourable growing conditions in QLD

Zucchini - Coming from QLD. Price is firm.


Daniel and the entire freshasfresh family =)