Weekly Market Report

Please browse the current market update below:

Apples - All in season Apples are now available and are crisp, juicy and crunchy, in particular Pink Lady's.

Avocadoes - Hass are now in season and quality is very good and dropping in price. 

Berries - Strawberries at this time of year are unpredictable. We are currently buying from QLD which is good quality. 

Kiwi Fruit - New Australian season has just started, so you can not go past them at the moment. 

Lemons / Limes - The supply of lemons is improving. Limes are excellent value right now.

Pears - In season for Packham and Corellas, Quality is very good.

Manderines - In season has started for Local Seedless and Imperial and they are very juicy and sweet.

Oranges - Australian Navels are now available and they are a great seller.

Tropical Fruits - There are some great tropical fruits in season at the moment like Papaya, Custard Apples.

Pumpkin - Butternut and Jap excellent supply and great quality.

Swede & Parsnip - great time of the season for these both

Red Capsicum - Quality and supply are great at this time also great price for customers

Potatoes - Quality and supply are great at this time, some great buys including Chat Potatoes

Thanks for reading our Market Report, We will be updating weekly to keep our valued and loved customers up to date on whats in and out of season.

Shaun, Bobby, Daniel and the entire freshasfresh family =)