Weekly Market Report

Please browse the current market update below:

 Apples - Pink Lady, Red Delicious and Granny Smith are available and their quality is very good.

Avocados - Hass variety is in season. Quality and value are excellent.   

Bananas - Quality and value are very good.

Berries - The QLD season has just started - quality is generally very good. However the recent cold snap has reduced supply, and rain in QLD. Blueberries and Raspberries are out of season. 

Kiwifruit - New Zealand season - their flavour is excellent.

Lemons and Limes - Lemons and limes are both quite scarce. 

Oranges - Navel oranges are now in season - excellent quality.

Passionfruit - Excellent quality and value.

Pears - New season Packams, Bosc and Corellas are all excellent. 

Pineapples - The best time of year for topless pineapples.

Rockmelons - The North QLD season has started. Quality is very good.

Stonefruit - Season finished.

Watermelon (seedless) - Quality and value is very good.


Broccoli - good quality and value. 

Capsicums - Reds have jumped in price due to unfavourable growing conditions in QLD

Cauliflower - Quality and value both very good

Celery - Very scarce. 

Corn - Has never been this scarce. Limited avalablity 

Cucumbers - Scarce due to colder weather. 

Eggplant - good quality and firm in price
Lettuce - Most are good quality and value. Iceberg is a bit scarce.

Pumpkin - All varieties are very good quality and value.

Snow peas - Quality is very good. Price is a bit higher due to the cold snap.

Sweet Potato - Very good quality and value.

Tomatoes - have jumped in price due to unfavourable growing conditions in QLD

Zucchini - Coming from QLD. Price is firm.


Daniel and the entire freshasfresh family =)